The press wrote and still writes!

In the annual danish magazine MC-Revyen there are some great quotes:

'79: >>It goes in to corners like a bat out of hell<< a british journalist wrote about the 3½ Sport. The powerfull engine in the ultra light frame will give you riding pleasures almost impossible to describe.
'81: >>The curve killer<< would be an appropriate name for the lively black and red 3½’er from Morini. The almost racing-like handling, the excellent brakes, the narrowness of the bike, and the low weight is a combination that gives the bike the capacity to defeat even powerfull japanese bikes as long as the roads are small and winding.
'81 - about the 250: Morini is amongst specialists known as one of the best handling standard bikes. And the small and only 128 kg light 2½ is not different. The fuel consumption is minimal, only 3,5 l./100 km. Even when pushed to the limits it is difficult to increase it.
'82 - about the 500: Here the sporty [opposed to the Strada] and in terms of handling almost racing-like Morini 500 [...] The model is a clear example on how to make a winner from other than a lot of cylinders and more BHP. The narrow front is one of its secrets. 
'83 ...The 3½ has maybe turned a bit antiquated in terms of the technical design. Even so, it is still setting the tone on how a bike should handle. Super-bike riders will most likely get unpleasantly surprised when the roads get smaller 
'87 - last year with the 3½: You won't get in the box for 5 kroner, but for 42.144 kr. you get a ticket to the 2. stalls in the italian world. The price for a Morini 350 is still that low. Though many probably will claim it's expensive - those who devide BHP into kroner. Others look at the capacities of the Morini and judge it according to the need of transportation and the fun of the ride. The Morini 350 masters both. It's on the winding roads, though, that it shows its real nature. Here the heavy weight japanese bikes will have a hard time just keeping up with the Morini. 

Other magazines:

Bike - April '77: Never before has the 20-mile ride to work been more enjoyable and exhilarating. Not even on machines of twice the capacity, power output and price.
Classic Bike - Juli 2006: Cliches are often applied to Morini handling, and based on the experience of this bike [3½ Sport, '75] they're all true. It really is razor sharp, inch perfect, vice free, intuitive and even handles like it's, ahem, on rails.
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