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My first Morini and how it came to be

(...and how it ended)

Having allready made some entries in my diary I think it lacks some sort of introduction that explains some of my ideas and ideals that I have for my Morini. So, here some thoughts:

My goal was to build a bike that looks as if it could have come from the assembly line of the Morini factory - a Morini 3½ Corsa - a sort of racing version, so to speak. ;o)

What probably is noticable when reading this homepage is that I find the first Sport the most beautiful of the models. Even so, I wanted a bike that was shaped according to my personality and at the same time with some changes/improvements in design and functionallity. For example, the rear light/license plate holder looks to me like a last-minute-solution. A small rear light, like the ones from the older bikes would have looked better to me. I'm sure that some solution were choosen because of production costs that aesthetically would have looked better with other solutions. Things like that I wanted to "rectify". And as mentioned I wanted to give the bike a more racing oriented appearance. That's why I'm going for a fairing and an more aerodynamic look. Once again, though, not too far from the original, because the shapes, curves and paint job are almost perfect to me.

You might also notice that I've "stuffed" the tiny 3½ with gadgets. This is of course to have a bike that is fully functional for all the trips I'm planning to take with it and in that respect won't stand back against modern machines. I think it'll please Lambertini who always has used and still uses the latest technologies.

So, the central idea was to "customize" the Morini so it is usable for any kind of daily activity I might throw at it. That's also the reason the very conscious choice to have as little as possible of polished aluminium and chrome. I wanted to have a bike that I was able to ride in any kind of weather - even in the winter where salt is a big problem.  Also, I'm not that in to polishing my bike all the time, I'd rather ride it all the time!!!
A final ideal I want to mention is less tangible: I wanted to preserve the "soul" of the 3½ and make the changes in the spirit of Morini and Lambertini. In spite of the numerous changes I have made, I have tried to use Morinis and Lambertinis principles of simple construction, high quality, and low costs - and that according to their aesthetic values.

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