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In my shop I offer different services - all from simple maintenace; through tuning, design and construction of standard and special parts and tools, to complete restoring of motorcycles and engines.
Besides Morini-specific tools I have a lathe and a mill, and I am able to make a large number of more or less specialised work. Simply ask and I'll let you know if and how I'm able to help you.

Below some examples of what I can offer:
- Adjusting and tuning carbs, ignition, valves etc.
- Electrical fault finding
- Cylinder head overhauling
- Valve seat and valve grinding
- Rebuild of master cylinder with desired piston size (e.g. 19 mm to 13 mm)
- Lightening of the primary gear
- Lightening of the flywheel
- Valve guides (also special needs - dimensions/materials)
- Exhaust shells
- Exhaust nuts in custom measurements
- Fork tuning with cartridge emulators
- Custom oil filter with stainless steel mesh filter
- Swingarm axle with needle bearings
- Piston work (e.g. Lupo pistons)
- Cylinder boring - cylinder shortening
- Crankshaft overhauling
- Bearing bushings
- Regular lathe and mill work (no CNC)
….as written: simply ask!

@ Søren Høyer Hansen