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Season opening at Bakken 2010:

Thursday the 25. of May

In Denmark this is the "official" beginning of the Biking season. In a couple of decades bike riders from all over Denmark have gathered in Copenhagen for a tour round the capital ending at Bakken. Bakken is the oldest amusement park in the world.
Usually 5-10.000 riders take part in the event.

This year was a first time experience for me. It was actually a fluke idea - normally I'm not into these big events with predominantly boring (japanese) bikes. And the slow parade-riding is even less my thing. But at least one time in my life I wanted to try it, as it is such a huge institution in Denmark.
Prejudice aside, it was a nice experience. The atmosphere was simply excellent. I don't know if I'm going to repeat it, but anyway, it was a recommendable experience.

The decision to go was made in the morning. The weather was perfect - best of the year so far, which made the decision a lot easier.
I took of around noon to be sure to get first in line to avoid "clutch-driving" and around 4 I was able park amongst the first in line.
Gradually the street became full of bikes and the next couple of hours were spend looking at bikes. I even meet a couple of Morinisti that I hadn't meet before.

The ride to Bakken was pretty much as expected, but beeing in front of the pack made the low pace durable. To be expected was also the many people at the side of the road, but the atmosphere was much better than I imagined.

Visiting Bakken was also a first time experience for me and it was very interesting to see this old Institution full of traditions.
The night was in my case concluded with a concert. I went back to the center of Copenhagen and experienced some of "the old rats" in the danish jazz scene.

Almost 500 km were in it for me. Perfect for a season start. Exactly right for getting a sore ... ;o)

Here's a small video from the event.
High resolution:

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