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4. October 2009:

What!!! - What's this?? - A new Morini?

When I got my first Morini I was convinced that I only would want to have that one and no more. As I then gradually became a member of the "international Morini community" I noticed that it is more a rule than exceptions that Morinisti have more than one Morini in their possesions. I would only shake my head - "you can only ride one bike at a time anyway", was my disapproving thought.
Last summer a german Morinisti, Stefan Bigalke, said to me after he just had bought a 250 2C, that he "hadn't bought a Morini in a long time". With my conviction in mind, you may be able to picture how absurd this statement sounded to me.
At that time I persistantly claimed that I never would want to own more than one motorcycle.

Well......... now I suddenly see myself being "one of those" -  in an almost unnoticable transition I found myself fantasizing about how my next Morini would look like. My next Morini...!? I, who really found it to be an excessive luxury to have more than one!
Initially I fantasized about having an original Morini as a supplement to my first Morini ;o)
Then The Tragedy took place and the realization of an original Morini was set into life. I could keep the damaged bike which is waiting to be rivived.
What I now want to do isn't a revival (not yet, I dare to write), but a completely different project.

This summer I attended the italian meeting. Again I was faced with Morinisti who showed of thier extensive collections of Morinis.
Attending was also Mario Perfetti who makes unbeliveable beautiful custom and racing bikes. This year he had made a very nice racing bike that I immediately fell in love with. Looking at it I at once began building something similar in my head.

Perfettis beutiful machine

At the german meeting three weeks later I had a conversation with some of the guys from "Stammtisch Hamburg". I mentioned that I knew of a danish Morinisti who had a Dart enginge with extremely low mileage that he might wanted to sell me. The immediate response was that I HAD to buy it. Anything else would almost be a sinn.
Especially Thomas Walter spend a lot of time convincing me that this was the right thing to do. So, here's a thank you, Thomas, for the inspiring conversation.

Back home from my vacation a puzzle started to reveal its picture in my mind: wouldn't it be cool to build a "new" Morini? - An engine that almost hadn't been running in a totally restored setup and with a design according to my ideas!

Because of the insurance company compensating me fairly well, the gap between thinking and acting was very small. I started to ask around if someone had an inexpensive Morini for sale that I could use as basis. And suddenly out of nowhere, as it often is, I was offered one. A danish Morinisti, at that time unknown to me,  asked me if he could put his up for sale on my homepage. The asking price was within my range, so I didn't waste a lot of time pondering, and in a matter of days the deal was made and the bike in my garage.

With the new one in the house I had to convince Kresten Korsbæk to sell his Dart engine to me. Luckily he is a very nice person. I got the engine, and even for a very favourable price.

With the most important parts at hand I'm ready to start building - almost! Everything has gone so fast, I have hardly had time to draw the sketches I usually make for these kinds of projects. A project name is found, though, as you can see in the headline. Of course there's something hidden behind that. In time I will reveal more, but for now I don't want to reveal to much ;o)
That much I will say: The Morini is going to be light, will have a fairing, have racing-looks, and my primary source of inspiration is the Rebello from the 50ies:

Moto Morini Rebello – the most succesful road racer from the Moto Morini company

As you can see, I'm turning into a Morinisti "like the others" - I recall a quote that I read a long time ago and I at that time didn't really understand. Not because it isn't in my native tongue, but because, as I have tried to describe, it seemed absurd to me. It is beginning to make more and more sense, though ;o)
The quote was written by Paul Compton, a british Morinisti, and can be found on his homepage:  "Morinis are an obsession. You will either only ever own one, or you'll never own just one."
© Søren Høyer Hansen Wellcome sir1@morinist.dk