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Invitation to the

11. Danish Morini Meeting

Friday the 5th - Sunday the 7th of May in Hygind, Vestfyn

For the eleventh time It's my pleasure to invite you to the Danish Morini Meeting

Though the meeting originally was intended to be a meeting place for danish Morinisti, the previous meetings has proven it to be quite international. And I hope this year will be no different.

This year too, there will be prize awards in the following categories:

* The most beautiful Morini at the meeting
* The most popular Morini at the meeting
* The Farthest (Morini) Ride to the Meeting

The program looks like this (for the time being):

* Afternoon – sign in
 * 19.00 – Dinner.
* The rest of the evening – chatting around the campfire


* 9:00 – Breakfast
* 10:30 – Road trip
* 12:30 – Lunch
* 16:00 – Return
* 17:00 – Quiz
* 19:00 – Dinner
* 21:00 – Award ceremony
* The rest of the evening – chatting around the campfire


* 9:00 – Breakfast and depature

You're free to arrive before Friday afternoon - just don't expect "full service" until Friday evening ;o)

The partition fee of 50 € is paid at arrival

The fee cover everything (except fuel for your Morini ;o) You don't have to sign up in advance, but I would appreciate a mail if you plan to come.

The meeting takes place at the usual address:

Skræppedalsvej 38, Hygind, 5592 Ejby.

Sleeping arrangements: your own tent!
or contact me for alternatives

Check list:
* Cash (you can pay with Euros on site – VISA is widely used in Denmark – as well as other large credit cards)
* Tent
* Warm! sleeping bag.

Looking forward to seeing you

Søren Høyer Hansen

For additional information: sir1@morinist.dk, or text/phone me at: +45 60 77 31 44

© Søren Høyer Hansen Wellcome sir1@morinist.dk