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Invitation to the

15. Danish Morini Meeting

Thursday the 24th - Sunday the 27th of June in Hygind, Vestfyn

For the fifteenth time It's my pleasure to invite you to the Danish Morini Meeting

(Now that it's finally posible...)

As usual a bit about the background:
Though the meeting originally was intended to be a meeting place for danish Morinisti, the previous meetings has proven it to be quite international. And I hope this year will be no different.

The theme of the meeting is "back to the earth" - and behind that lies my new interest in trials-riding that I would like to share with you. At the meeting there will be good opportunity to try out the sport!


Bonus day, Wednesday:

* If you would like to experience the danish "Skt. Hans" (midsummer day) you are very welcome to show up Wednesday. By interest I will lead a tour to Ace Cafe Odense, where Skt. Hans is also celebrated. Please inform me latest the day before and be here before 17 on the day.


* Afternoon: meeting is oficially on
* We decide how the day has to go
* Evening: Possibly a tour to a small bike meet in Odense
* Supper when we feel like


* We decide how the day has to go
* 19.00 – Dinner.
* The rest of the evening – chatting around the campfire


* 9:00 – Breakfast
* 10:30 – Road trip
* 12:30 – Lunch (and trial)
* 16:00 – Return
* 19:00 – Dinner
* 21:00 – Award ceremony
* The rest of the evening – chatting around the campfire


* 9:00 – Breakfast and depature

For planning: if you come Wednesday and/or Thursday, please announce so.

The partition fee of 65 € is paid at arrival

The fee covers everything at the meeting (except fuel for your Morini ;o)

The meeting takes place at the usual address:

Skræppedalsvej 38, Hygind, 5592 Ejby.

Sleeping arrangements: your own tent!
or contact me for alternatives

Check list:
* Cash (you can pay with Euros on site – VISA is widely used in Denmark – as well as other major credit cards)
* Tent
* Sleeping bag.

Looking forward to seeing you

Søren Høyer Hansen

For additional information: sir1@morinist.dk, or text/phone me at: +45 60 77 31 44

© Søren Høyer Hansen Wellcome sir1@morinist.dk